Our civil engineers are experienced in a variety of projects and
can provide assistance and advice in many different areas, including:

  • Landfill cell bulk excavation
  • Floor trimming
  • Leachate drainage construction
  • Crushing and screening of excavated materials for resale as base course products

Backed by an ultra-modern fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles, we move:

  • Road base
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Sandstone
  • Crushed sandstone
  • Gravel
  • Aggregate
  • Contaminated waste & VENM

We provide selective mining and stockpiling of over 1,000,000 tonne of clay and shale per annum in Sydney. Some of our contracts include working with:

  • Austral Bricks
  • Boral Bricks
  • PGH Bricks

With 20 years in the industry, we have the experience in the management, cartage and disposal of contaminated wastes to licensed landfill facilities.

We are also licensed by the Department of Environment Climate Change and Water to transport category 1 and 2 trackable waste.


For over 50 years (since 1964), we have provided our expert excavation services to clients across the Sydney metropolitan area. Today, we specialise in major bulk earthworks, controlled filling and remediation projects. Mulgoa Quarries Pty Ltd is a multi-faceted company that works on:

  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Contaminated Site Remediation
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Landfill Construction

  • Contract Quarrying
  • Bulk Haulage and Disposal

For comprehensive excavation solutions provided by the experts in the field,

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At Mulgoa Quarries Pty Ltd, we offer a wide range of services to provide high-quality excavation solutions across the Sydney metropolitan area.

Earthmoving Contractor Serving Sydney

To effectively manage your roadworks, subdivisions, mining, excavation, building and development projects, we know you require the best machinery available. At Mulgoa Quarries Pty Ltd, we provide a quality earthmoving equipment hire service for our range of modern and technically superior fleet of top-end:

At Mulgoa Quarries Pty Ltd, we offer a wide range of services to provide high-quality excavation solutions across the Sydney metropolitan area


Top Quality Transport Vehicles

Extensive Range of Plant and Machinery

With our team of highly trained specialists, we can make certain you have the right vehicle for your project, and our wealth of knowledge and expertise means we can answer all your questions.

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Earthmoving Equipment Hire

Additionally, we know you must have the best transport vehicles to take care of your bulk haulage and material disposal work. Our selection of earthmoving equipment hire services will take care of all your machinery needs. Each vehicle type comes with a range of options in weight and engine power to choose from as well as a variety of the top machinery manufacturers in the industry, including: