Mulgoa Quarries has proudly worked for Australia’s largest brick manufacturer, Brickworks (Austral), for 20 years, since early 1999.

From day one, our aim has always been to promptly and efficiently assist with the brick making process, by creating blended stockpiles

In recent times at Austral Plant 3, the crew have been working diligently on a recently acquired job, which includes the bulk earthworks for Austral’s new masonry plant. They have also been completing other works onsite, such as working through the cut to fill process, for the creation of roads and factory pads for buildings that will be included in Austral’s development.

In general, the overall aim of works completed by Mulgoa Quarries for Brickworks has been to keep up with their required need for material for their brick making programme that aids development nationwide.

We are proud to report that everything is running ahead of schedule at Austral Plant 3, with an impressive 750,000m3 of material being moved over the past 6 months, meaning that we have moved, on average, almost 29,000m3 a week; this is a fantastic achievement for the company and is a testament to how hard our team onsite is working!

Ensuring our projects are being completed safely is an ongoing process and has brought to light many challenges. As a result of this, our risk assessments were reviewed, improved and updated as well as our operating procedures for the building of stockpiles. The new operating procedures have now been implemented. As well as this, an individual stockpile layer checklist, assisting Operators to stay within the safe guidelines of operations, has been newly introduced. Of course, it is of utmost importance that the health and safety of each and every employee is upheld at all times. It is our number one priority to ensure that all of our operators are safe and can go home to their loved ones at the end of each working day.

Overall, it has been a challenge to stay ahead of the programme that Brickworks have set out, however we have risen to the challenge and knocked it out of the park. We are also very proud that we have been able to maintain our high quality of work at all times, ensuring that Austral is happy with their projects progress.

Congratulations to Site Supervisor Scott Maxwell and his crew for their outstanding work.