At the beginning of April, we welcomed two new Mack Super-Liner Trucks to the transport fleet.

The Super-Liners have made a great first impression on the transport team, who are enjoying the modern features the vehicles have to offer.

These trucks are well renowned for their reliability, efficiency and modern functionality.

It’d be hard not to appreciate the newest additions, with their 4-axle truck and trailer combination, allowing them to carry up to 60.58 tonne, with 685 horsepower and 2,300 pound-foot torque, mDRIVE automatic transmission, allowing for easy gear changes, and of course, their state of the art cabs, providing the most quiet and comfortable drive possible.

In addition to this, earlier in the year three of our trucks were entered into the Penrith Working Truck Show. We are proud to announce the success of number 706, in particular, which took home the prize for Best Prime Mover and Tipper Trailer on the day.

Finally, sending out a warm welcome to the newest members of the Transport Team, Natalie Hopping and Lee Cross. Since introducing Natalie and Lee, we’ve been running a fleet of 21 trucks in total!